Treasure Challenge

In Maths this week, Year 1 had to solve a number of challenges to open up the class treasure chest. First we ordered numbers up to and beyond 20 before solving True or False Mastery questions for addition and subtraction. We managed to solve all challenges correctly and found materials to make Christmas angels inside the chest. We made them this afternoon and they look beautiful!


Shape Sorting Challenge

For our latest challenge based learning session, we investigated 2D and 3D shapes and sorted them using a venn diagram. We had to sort the shapes correctly  in order to unlock a secret shape animal from the class treasure chest. We looked at each shape and put it into the correct section of the hoops depending on whether it had curved sides, straight sides or both! Once the chest was unlocked we discovered cube nets that folded into our very own class penguins.

Blast off!

This week Year 1 received a special message from Alan the astronaut, he needed help to break a secret code to launch his rocket! Luckily, Class 1 were able help by solving a number of maths challenges involving ordering numbers, counting in 2s and number bonds to 10! They learnt that the key to being successful is good teamwork. Well done Class 1!

Destination Space

After our classroom was invaded by aliens, we visited Newcastle’s Centre for Life as part of our Autumn project ‘Where might a spark take us?’. We talked about what it would be like to travel into space and the jobs of astronauts, scientists and engineers. We looked at the properties of materials and carried out our own investigations to decide which material would make the best space suit. We also visited the planetarium to look at the stars before looking around the Robots exhibition and exploring the science and play zones.