Maths Challenges from Goldilocks

This morning, Goldilocks sent a special email to Class One because she had bumped her head at Forest school in the bear trap and she couldn’t remember the days of the week.  She needed their help for the days of the week because Year One are amazing at Maths. Year One had to find the challenges in the classroom to help Goldilocks remember the days of the week.

Goldilocks now knows the days of the week so Year One got some slime and a squishy ball.

Written by Year One


A Special Request

This morning has been FANTASTIC for Year 1!

They received a special letter from Goldilocks requesting a new home with a bed, chair and porridge.  This is since she got chased away from the last one by 3 bears.

The children got straight to work; building, problem solving, cooking and sharing.  The homes which they made were incredible and their creativity was outstanding.  They painted their homes, made security systems such as alarms, bear traps and cameras, made delicious meals for goldilocks.

Well done Year 1!

Multi Skills

What a fantastic afternoon Year 1 have had at Walker Activity Dome! They took part in numerous, fun and exciting physical activities; including balancing, throwing, sliding, jumping and dribbling. The staff were so impressed with their effort and behaviour and Mrs Angell-Moir was bursting with pride!

Unfortunately most of the photographs are blurry because they were just so fast! Well done Year 1 for a fantastic trip!


Royal Requests

On Tuesday 29th January, Class 1 received some special post from HRH Queen Elizabeth! She was asking us to help her with her shopping!

One group had to work out the new sale prices for a crown, sword, necklace and jacket for Prince Phillip. Another group needed to work out how much change the Queen would get from a £20 note and another group had to work how much MORE money the Queen needed to buy her items.

Once we had solved the challenges, we were presented with a royal gift containing house points and stickers! Thank you Queen Elizabeth! We hope you will send us some more challenges again soon.


Treasure Challenge

In Maths this week, Year 1 had to solve a number of challenges to open up the class treasure chest. First we ordered numbers up to and beyond 20 before solving True or False Mastery questions for addition and subtraction. We managed to solve all challenges correctly and found materials to make Christmas angels inside the chest. We made them this afternoon and they look beautiful!

Shape Sorting Challenge

For our latest challenge based learning session, we investigated 2D and 3D shapes and sorted them using a venn diagram. We had to sort the shapes correctly  in order to unlock a secret shape animal from the class treasure chest. We looked at each shape and put it into the correct section of the hoops depending on whether it had curved sides, straight sides or both! Once the chest was unlocked we discovered cube nets that folded into our very own class penguins.

Blast off!

This week Year 1 received a special message from Alan the astronaut, he needed help to break a secret code to launch his rocket! Luckily, Class 1 were able help by solving a number of maths challenges involving ordering numbers, counting in 2s and number bonds to 10! They learnt that the key to being successful is good teamwork. Well done Class 1!